Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Virgs...)

You decide to head to a clothing store in your current state. Entering the store, you notice that not many people are inside. In fact, there are five shoppers at most and the sales clerk.

Grabbing the first thing you see, you head to the dressing room to put it on.

“Fuck,” you think. You’re naked so obviously you have no cash to pay. You decide to rip the tag off the item you got. You look in the mirror and see yourself in a cute red dress. It is modest and strapless. You’d look decent if it weren’t for the drying cum all over your body. After cleaning yourself up a bit with a shirt left in the dressing room, you think you’re ready to go out. You look out of the dressing room to check if the coast is clear.

Nothing out of the ordinary. There’s now a decent amount of shoppers inside, and several more workers. You realize that the lunchtime rush has started and more people will eventually show up.

“Alright, play it cool Emma, play it cool,” you tell yourself as you walk out. Back in your youthful days, you’ve stolen countless of items, especially from this particular clothing store. You walk along the side of the store to sneak out. You are so close to the entrance way, when an employee who is greeting customers by the mannequins stops you.

“Excuse me, miss?” The employee is the same height as you. She has a strawberry pixie cut and has the air of innocence surrounding her, “I don’t think you’ve paid for that.”

The employee grasps your forearm firmly and smiles. She leans in to massage your lower back and ass.

You look around, but no one is paying attention. You’re both covered by the mannequins and clothes racks.

She then gives you the best tongue you ever had. She trails kisses down and pulls the bodice of the dress down while she pushes the hem up to meet your naked cunt. You are still sensitive and wet from earlier despite trying to wipe it all off and feel like collapsing as she fingers you and sucks on your beast. You can hear her heavily breathing into your ears. It takes you a moment to realize that she is saying something.

“Shall we finish this transaction in the back or do you want to cause a bigger scene?” She pushes you up to where the mannequins are on display right in front of the store windows, and holds your hips in place. As she gets down, you notice a couple of people looking in your direction.

It’s either you go with this girl to the dressing room or you join the mannequins on display. Either way, you’re screwed.