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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Leo...)

“I could really just go for a shower right now,” you say as you examine yourself. Your chest is clearly visible from your top gripping your skin. The cold, wet shirt has been bothering you since you girls started walking to Claudia’s house, rubbing against your now hard nipples. You can feel a light buzzing from your now-sensitive skin.

Claudia nods her head with a smile as she pulls out the just-bought underwear and some clothes to match, and places them on her bed. You’re used to staying over at Claudia’s house and you’ve seen each other naked countless times before. You tell yourself it’s the same as now, but you can’t help but feel this sort of tingling sensation throughout your body. Before your imagination can run wild, you quickly strip and walk into Claudia’s bathroom.

Claudia turns and grins. “No bra? How daring!” she smirks, and hands over a towel. She purrs and adds a cute “rawr” in a teasing manner. You can’t help but roll your eyes, at which she starts to giggle. You believe that it holds no meaning, but it’s off-putting. You start to get this feeling that something is approaching, but maybe it’s just influenced from earlier events.

“Well Claudia, why don’t you just join me in the shower?” You laugh and turn on the water. You hear a quiet inhale, but do not process it as you step inside the shower. You close your eyes and start to wash your hair with your best friend’s shampoo.

“Mmm,” you moan with your mouth closed. You love the sweet and refreshing scent that the shampoo has. It is the best thing you’ve ever smelled. After all, Claudia knows what’s up. Speaking of Claudia, you didn’t bother to close the bathroom door because it’s Claudia for Pete’s sake. What danger can Claudia pose?

“Besides,” you think, “it’s not like I would mind…”

You suddenly feel something warm and soft pressed against your backside that causes you to jump a bit. You can’t open your eyes knowing that the shampoo will get in, but you already know who it is.

“Gotcha!” laughs Claudia. You girls should be used to taking showers together, but that off-putting feeling still remains. In fact, that feeling is only growing.

“Claudia!” you gasp as she grabs your breast playfully. Her bold actions are starting to turn that “off-putting” feeling into strong arousal. She offers to wash your body, but she’s already started without your permission. Then again, you just let her. Her hands travel and rub you, paying special attention wherever you’re most sensitive. She starts to massage you with soap from your neck, then gradually trails down your back onto your ass then your legs. If it weren’t for the hot water and scented soap, it would be pretty obvious that you are aroused.

She waits for you to face her then gets to work on your arms and stomach. You beat her to your breast before she can touch them again. However, she bends down and gets to working on your inner thighs. You can’t help but gasp in surprise and anticipation. Claudia hesitates for a second and you know that she has a clear view of your cunt. It’s now known that you’re wet and your juices have been soaking your thighs that Claudia’s hands are now on. It’s so embarrassing, you can’t speak.

“Alrighty Emma, you’re almost done!”

You don’t want to say anything. Knowing that you just got turned on by your friend, it makes you feel unbelievable guilt and now your friendship is probably over after this shower. She grabs the shower head and detaches it. Looking at your best friend’s body, you can’t help nor stop from feeling aroused. When your eyes begin to travel lower, you feel that you are nearing something. Claudia has been focusing the water pressure over your cunt while occasionally washing over your legs and back.

“Claudia —” you begin, but are cut off by her lips. You both end up in an intense kiss. Claudia drops the shower head and directly touches you with her hands. One hand plays with your clit while the other holds you firmly for support. Upon catching your breath, your eyes lock together. Claudia’s eyes are clouded, but her focus is all for you.

“Emma, I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself.” Her voice is shaking, but her actions aren’t faltering. Her lips are now sucking your neck and she’s trailing kisses down to your breast, where she licks and sucks each one, giving them her precious attention. She continues to play with you and even dips her fingers inside.

Claudia is pumping in and out of you for a good, blinding five minutes until you groan and gasp. The water is turning cold and it is only turning you on even more. Your hands rest on the tiled wall for support, but you have this sudden urge to grab and return the favor to Claudia. What do you want to do? What do you need to do?