Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Happyvoy...)

You push back hard against Mister Perkins and knock him over, but as you try to escape he grabs your leg, the last thing you remember before passing out is the coconut sound of your head hitting a wall.

You wake up, on your stomach, you try to move but your body seems to be tied to a bed post spread-eagled, a sudden chill of a cool air breeze confirms another horrifying fact — you’re completely naked.

You let out a loud sore groan, as an excited cheer sounds out from the other end of the room you realize your mistake.

“Oh my dear Emma, you’re finally awake! You’ve been out for at least an hour and I’ve wanted to fuck you so very badly, but a gentleman always waits until his woman can feel it!”

It’s Mister Perkins, every word leaving his mouth sounding as if he’s a child with a brand new toy.

“Oh god,” you think to yourself, “is that what I am now? His toy? I need to get out of here!” You struggle a little more but your bonds don’t budge.

“Already getting feisty I see, if you bring that kind of energy to our love making sessions you might turn out to be my best wife yet.”

Love-making? Wife? “What the fuck are you talking about?!”

“Language my dear!” He slaps you hard.

“Ouch! Look I don’t know if you’re having an episode or something but I’m not your wife!”

Your skin starts to crawl as you feel an old wrinkly hand start to grope and play with your ass cheeks.

“Oh you don’t have to worry dear. I’ll make sure we get a priest and I get full permission from your father before I get you pregnant. You don’t have to worry about the shame of a child out of wedlock.”

Pregnant! The thought of getting pregnant to this old man sickens you, but at least this will buy you some time, or so you think, right up until Mister Perkins starts to prod at your asshole with his finger.

“You can’t!” is all you manage to sputter out. You’ve never had anal before, even when Dan begged you for it.

“Don’t worry my dear, I’m not going to put it in,” Mister Perkins says in a loving tone.

You sigh with relief.

“A tight little hole like this needs to be worked up to first.”

Your heart sinks at this comment, which is nowhere near as disturbing as the sensation that follows. Spreading both of your ass cheeks wide for a better view, you hear a grunt as Mister Perkins starts to get lower and closer to your tight little butthole, the strange sensation as he lets out a cough right next to your ass, the unpleasant feeling of his warm breath on your asshole and finally the disgusting sensation of the old man’s tongue probing it, entering it and then furiously tasting it.

It takes a little while for your mind to adjust to the feeling, the slippery feeling moving faster and faster, working to lube you up. As your mind catches up you stupidly utter the words “No! Stop! Please!”

Mister Perkins stops and pulls his tongue out, giving the rim one last longing lick.

“Okay sweetie, if that’s what you want.”

You sigh with relief.

As if on cue, as soon as you finish sighing, you feel the girth of his dick pressing against the threshold of your tiny little butthole. Then pain. Lots and lots of pain.

“It’s okay my dear, you’ll…” he lets out a hearty grunt as a few more inches of his meaty dick splits open your ass and forces a cry from your mouth.

“…get used to it. In fact soon…” More of his cock enters you, you are now shaking and whimpering from the pain of your ass stretching more and more, wider and wider.

“…you’ll love it! Almost in, Emma my love.”

Mister Perkins starts to gently kiss the back of your neck as the last of his old meaty cock forces its way into your unwelcoming hole. You can’t even talk due to the whimpers of pain.

He starts to piston into your ass, causing you to loudly squeal while he grunts like a pig.

“It’s okay my dear, you’re doing so well for your first time.” He caresses your tits and softly kisses your cheek — the way he’s acting would be quite loving if he wasn’t burrowing in to your ass.

“Do you need a rest my dear?”

You nod very emphatically.

“Okay honey, I’ll finish quickly then.”

He picks up the pace, jack-hammering into your ass, harder, faster, you’re screaming from the hard fucking now. Suddenly you feel the sensation of his warm semen shoot up inside you as he lets out one last grunt. He pulls his dick out with an audible pop, you feel the old man’s semen start to leak from your now gaping asshole.

“Oh my dear, we’ve made quite a mess.” He lets out a hearty laugh and reaches to grab something.

“Now you need to learn the second most important part of a wife’s duties: cleaning up.” You go to talk but he pops some kind of ring in your mouth, stopping you from closing your mouth. Who knew the old man had so much bondage gear in his house!

“Sorry my dear, but you were thrashing about so much, the last think we want is for you to get excited and bite down.” He means it too, you think to yourself, he thinks it would be an accident and it’d upset me.

He positions himself in front of you before shoving his gigantic geriatric cock down your throat and bobbing your head up and down with his hand. It tastes foul.