Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Happyvoy...)

“Hey Mister Perkins is everything okay? I thought I heard screaming?” your dad says, rushing through the door before pausing at the scene in front of him.

“Oh I am so sorry I didn’t want you to find out like this!” Mister Perkins stammers, his cock still deep down your throat. “Me and your daughter are very much in love, we were actually going to ask your permission for us to marry.”

You shake your head furiously, though this is no easy task with his hand holding you steady and his dick down your throat.

Your dad stares dumbfounded, “Wow she’s really going to town down there, well I don’t approve of the age gap, but if my little girl is in love…”

You struggle some more, but all this achieves is massaging his dick more.

“Oh god, she’s good at that, I can’t believe she’s trying so hard to get me off with you in the room,” Mister Perkins says through sighs and grunts. “Tell you what, since she doesn’t seem to care about having sex around you, why don’t I sweeten the deal? I’ll let you use her ass whenever you want, if you give us your blessing?”

You gag on his cock.

“Any time I want? Even now?”

“Of course!” Mister Perkins yells gleefully. “Do you hear that my dear? Your father has given us permission to wed! Before you take off your pants can I borrow your phone? I want to try and get this set up so we can be married and start our happy life together today.”

You struggle and gag some more. You’re aware of Mister Perkins tapping on the keys of your father’s cellphone. He seems to be having trouble with it, but not as much trouble as you’re having with his cock ramming down your throat as your father positions himself to enter your asshole.

Suddenly today is a long day of first experiences. Your first time fucking a man many times your age, your first time having anal sex, your first time being spit-roasted by your dad and your new geriatric fiancée while he talks to a priest on your fathers cellphone. Yep, a very, very long day of first experiences.