Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“You let me and my housemate do you together,” Kieran tells you. Seeing the look on your face he adds, “You’re damn sexy and Wesley would kill me if he missed out on it.”

“So wait two hours for you and him to fuck me?” you ask, slightly disappointed.

“Not at all,” Kieran answers. “I can call him and let him know the situation. He’s only visiting his cousin. He’ll be here in 20 minutes, depending on the traffic.”

You think it over, and you get slightly horny at the thought of two guys fucking you simultaneously. “Okay, it’s a deal,” You tell him, a smile curving your lips.

Kieran smiles in answer and gets off the towel, picking it up and walking inside. He tosses the towel into a laundry basket and grabs his house phone before dialing a few numbers.

“Hey, Wes,” he starts the conversation. The phone’s volume is loud enough for you to hear what Wesley is saying on the other end: “Hey Kieran, what’s up?”

“Plenty of things are up, mate. You might want to come back here to take a look at one of them.”

“Oh god, that damn cat isn’t back, right?”

“We’ve got a cat here, but it’s of a sexy variety.”

There’s a pause as Wesley digests these words.

“I’m on my way. Don’t let the cat out.”

Kieran hangs up the phone and turns to you. “He’s on his way. Any ground rules I should know before he gets here? Like are you anti-anal or against oral or anything like that?”

“Do you go through this with every woman who you hook up with?” you ask, almost jokingly.

Kieran squirms slightly. “Umm…kind of a confession; you’re the first woman I’ve hooked up with. Ever.”

“What, with a body like yours?” You feel slightly shocked at this news.

“I don’t go out clubbing,” he tells you. “I prefer to stay inside and read or play video games. Now before we forget: any ground rules?”

You wonder if he changed the subject on purpose, but you think over any rules in your head.