Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Judas Iskariot...)

Claudia doesn’t need any verbal instructions or a map. She gropes your boobs with her hands, squeezing them gently, and pinches your nipples between her fingers. All the while your lips are touching each other’s. You’re not really kissing each other any more, just barely touching. You can hear from her breathing that she is getting really excited.

You’re looking into Claudia’s big green eyes, thinking to yourself that you don’t know what’s going on, but you like it.

Then Claudia kisses you on the ear and it sends a tingle through your body. She keeps fondling your boobs as she kisses all the way down your neck.

Then suddenly you feel the warm touch of her wet lips as she plunges one of your boobs into her mouth. You draw a short breath of surprise as you feel her warm tongue pressing against your nipple, her teeth biting down softly sending shivers through your body and then sucking your boobs as if she was a baby.

You’re still lying on your back on the floor in Claudia’s room watching the fan in the ceiling whisking around the hot summer breeze. And you feel like floating thousand miles high in the atmosphere.

Claudia continues sucking your nipples intently varying from one and the other. You close your eyes and just lose yourself in feeling of her warm tongue playing with your hard nipples. Her hands softly caress your belly.

“We’re just two friends fooling around” you think to yourself in a clear moment. “It’s not like it makes me a lesbian, just because I enjoy it a little.”

Then suddenly you feel Claudia’s fingertips tracing the hem of your jeans shorts, you feel a shock of panic and excitement as you realize that she’s trying to get into your pants!