Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Judas Iskariot...)

With one hand you carefully unbutton the button of the jeans short and unzip the fly. Claudia looks up at you with a question in her face and you stare into her deep green eyes and then you just nod your head ever so slightly, bite your lip as if you were in pain and look away as you feel her finger sliding into your wet pussy.

You don’t care anymore if it is right or wrong what you are doing. The only thing you want right now is to feel your best friend’s fingers deeper and deeper inside of you.

She pushes her fingers into your pussy and up against your g-spot while massaging your clitoris with her thumb. It feels like heaven and you feel the orgasm building up inside of you.

As if your body had a life of its own you feel your pelvis pushing itself forcefully against her hand. You almost feel as if you’re outside of your own body and you hear yourself whisper something to Claudia but it’s not much more than a long sigh.

“What was that?” says Claudia, “What did you say?”