Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Emma...)

“Yes Mother,” you say, falling to your knees in front of your mother’s smelly cunt. After all, honoring your mother and father is one of God’s commandments, and you don’t want to make your parents disappointed.

Your mother smiles and spread her legs wider. “That’s my girl,” she says as you sigh and put your head between her thighs and start lapping her vagina.

Mother’s pussy tastes sour and foul and her clitoris is big as a grape. You put it between your lips and start sucking it as if it was a small penis. She grabs you by the hair and jerks you forcefully towards her back and forth, fucking your mouth with her pussy.

“Oh yes Emma!” she screams, as your father turns the pages in his newspaper by the breakfast table, “Now stick that tongue of yours deep into mother’s pussy! I want to feel your wet dribble inside of me!”

Obediently you do as you’re told, and you reach as far as you can inside of your mother’s pussy with your tongue. You wish there was some way you could pinch your nose, but your mother keeps pulling your face towards her in a way which makes your nose tickle her clitoris as you drive your tongue deep inside of her.

“Oh baby! Keep it up!” your mother shouts as she pushes herself at you, spreading her legs and smothering your face completely with her pussy lips. She is opening up completely for you and as you feel your tongue reaching deeper and deeper inside of her you can hear her scream from the top of her lungs, “AaaH! I’m cummmMMMIIING!”

With a final thrust, your mother pulls you towards her, and suddenly she squirts you straight in the face. There’s a small fountain shooting out of her vagina hitting you straight in the face, soaking your clothes and your hair.

Your mother sighs with relief as she slumps back on the chair completely relaxed. Then she looks at down at you where you’re sitting by her feet completely soaked, trying to wipe her juices out of your face with the back of your hand.

“But look at the state you’re in dear!” she says while absentmindedly fingering her own pussy, “I do say, that’s not a proper appearance for a young lady, you better go to your room and take off those dirty clothes at once! Meanwhile your father and I will decide what to do with you.”