Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Emma...)

You look into your mother’s eyes, drying your tear with the back of your hand. “Please mother,” you say, “let dad fuck me! I need to feel his cock inside of me.”

“Of course honey,” your mother says. “You just calm down, we will make you feel good.”

Your father is crouching behind you and your mother leans over to him and opens his fly, bringing out his huge penis. With a firm hand on your pussy she pushes your body backwards towards him and with the other hand she directs his penis into your vagina.

When you feel him sliding into you, you open your mouth and gasp for air. Your butt cheeks, still burning with pain are resting against his strong thighs as he pushes deep inside of you while holding your arms with his big hands.

You close your eyes and let his cock pound you harder and harder while your mom’s fingers find your clitoris, pushing it hard and working you up to an enormous orgasm. Finally, you climax and you feel your father shooting his load deep inside your vagina.

Afterwards you’re completely exhausted and fall asleep onto your mother’s lap with a faint smile on your face.