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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Emma...)

Your continue your life as your family’s shared sex toy. Your mother and father keep finding excuses to ground you longer and longer and they are constantly inventing new methods of punishing you. Some days they force you to walk naked all day and other days they tie you up with ropes. One day they force you to wear a butt plug all day.

Your mother has made you eat her pussy so much that you’ve developed a taste for it and you even start to look forward to your long afternoon showers together.

Your brother enjoys fucking you as much as anybody else, and he sometimes invites friends home and lets them fuck you. Once he even brought a girl and made you eat her pussy while he watched and jerked off. He’s probably earning some good money on you.

Your parents sometimes invite strangers to fuck you or arrange parties where you are the main attraction. You’ve seen a lot of cash changing hands and you feel happy in a way that at least you are contributing to the household. They even made a few porno movies with you, which became a great success.

It doesn’t take long however before you are pregnant with your first child, and as you are drinking your father’s and your brother’s cum for breakfast you keep wondering if it is one of them who is the father, or if it was maybe one of the strangers that had been passing through your house lately.

But even after giving birth to three children, people don’t seem to lose interest in fucking you. Your body is worn and tired and you haven’t been outside the house for several years, except for when giving birth.

And sometimes you think about that strange wish you made once, and you can’t help but wonder what would have happened, and what your life would be like, if you’d just got out of this house that day.

The End