Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Givin' In...)

You’ve always wanted to try anal. Although you wish your first time could’ve been more consensual, you don’t seem to have many opportunities in the near future to try, seeing as how Dan just broke up with you.

Wiggling your rump, you push your ass towards your intruder’s cock, deciding to just enjoy this.

The head of his dick penetrates your tight asshole, and his cock gradually eases in. Although it hurts as you lose your anal virginity, the pain slowly begins to fade away.

You gasp as he edges in, your anus tightly clenched around his dick. Moaning, he pushes deep into you until you feel his balls against your ass.

As he draws back for round two, you get a sudden feeling of emptiness, and push back onto his dick. He groans and slides in. He stays in you for a second, motionless, and then begins pumping in and out of your asshole, slowly at first, then increasingly faster. It no longer hurts now from the initial penetration, and you start feeling growing pleasure. You take off your shirt, reach for your nipples, and start fondling them as you moan. He moans too, his hands squeezing your buttocks.

You gasp as two fingers penetrate your wet cunt and move in and out, bringing your pleasure to another level. Soon, you start feeling the tingle of an impending orgasm, and you tweak your nipples frantically. He suddenly speeds up his thrusting and you groan. After a short time of speedy anal fucking, you cum hard, your sphincter spasming around his cock as you whimper loudly. He stops finger-fucking you and slams hard into your ass, burying his dick to the hilt, and shoots his load into you.

After some time of just lying there with his deflating dick in you, he pulls out slowly as if reluctant to leave. You shake through a small aftershock and whimper gently. You hear him zipping his pants, and then his footsteps as he leaves you there, still stuck in the fence.

Still stuck in the fence, buck naked and alone, with cum leaking out of your ass, you ponder your next decision.