Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Givin' In...)

You decide that you’d rather not find out what the harsher punishment is. You won’t admit it to yourself, but seeing your dad’s dick turns you on.

You glance at your brother, seeing the horrified look on his face, then turn back to your leering father. Silently, you get on your knees in front of him and grab his semi-erect dick in your hands. He groans, and you feel his thick cock grow harder. “Suck my dick,” your dad commands you, staring at you with lust.

You oblige. Lowering your head to his dick, you press your lips onto its tip and look up at him. He moans loudly, and grabs your hair in his hands. You slowly, even teasingly, move your lips down his dick, placing kisses down its long length until its tip hits the back of your throat. Just before you rise up, your dad groans and yells “Suck my dick, Emma!” and roughly pushes your head down, forcing his cock deeper into your mouth and forcing you to gag.

“Mmmphh,” you moan, trying to get off as you choke on his dick. Groaning once again, he finally lets go of you, and you quickly straighten up and gasp for air. You look up and see that your brother has finally decided to step in.

“What the hell was that for?!” he shouts at your dad. “You just gagged your own daughter with your penis!”

Without hesitation, your horny dad replies, “Get outta the way, son! You’ve had your fun fucking your own sister, so now it’s my turn to enjoy!”

Your brother’s face turns red, and it seems that he’s going to object, but one look at his dad’s well-built body and he sullenly steps aside. You look at your dad in fear and also a bit of lust, as he looks back to you and leers. “Well, well, my naughty girl, you haven’t finished yet, have you?”

Weakly, you object, “Daddy, d-do I have to…”

“Do you want to get a harsher punishment?” he responds with anger.

Fearfully, you take his cock in your hands again, and as you engulf his dick in your mouth, you feel a small shudder go through his body. He grabs your hair again. As you bob up and down on his stiff cock, his grip on your hair tightens. Fortunately for you, he doesn’t try to force you down again, making you choke.

After a while of sucking and licking your daddy’s dick, he lets out a long groan and pushes you down onto his cock, then spurts out streams of his sperm for what seems like an eternity. Trapped with his dick in your mouth, you moan and struggle to swallow his cum. Finally he lets go of your hair, and you rise up, cum leaking out of your mouth and dripping onto the bed. You look up at him with pleading eyes, and see him still staring at you with lust as his cock slowly deflates to a semi-erect state.

Then he smiles wickedly and says to you: