Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Leafy_Cockpen...)

“Let’s go somewhere a little more private,” you decide.

“After you, Madam,” he says, indicating the tunnel with a sweep of his arm. “Lead the way.”

You stroll through the tunnel, swinging your hips, and eventually reach the changing rooms. You sit on one of the benches and watch, transfixed, as the striker removes his grass-stained top. You see the well defined, beautiful abs you were expecting, slightly ashamed, but mostly just horny, to find yourself drooling at the sight. Then, slowly, in a mockingly seductive way, he pulls down his shorts, releasing a long, hard cock, aggressively erect, pointing at your face.

“Your turn,” he says, a mixture of playfulness and lust playing through his adorable British accent.

How can you refuse? Standing on now shaky legs, you pull your top off, sliding it slowly over your tits, lightly stroking your nipples, feeling them harden to diamond-cutting levels from the exposure and arousal. Your confidence is boost by an appreciative moan from the striker.

Next, with new confidence leading to the desire to be slutty, you bend over and slowly shimmy your skirt and panties down your legs. You then reach up and start rubbing your pussy, teasing the striker. This has a greater effect than you were expecting, as you hear a frustrated grunt, followed by the feeling of seven inches of stiff, throbbing footballer dick being shoved into your pussy.

Taken by surprise, you gasp in a mixture of pain and mind-numbing pleasure, as his cock, a couple of inches longer than your ex-boyfriend Dan’s, stretches your cunt to new lengths. Your thought process goes to nothing as you moan and gasp at the feeling spreading through your body. He begins to thrust harder and faster, his breath catching as his knees begin to tremble. He collapses onto you, and with your legs already shaky, you both drop onto the bench. He lies on top off you, the fall doing nothing to dissuade his frantic fucking.

After what feels like hours of having your pussy mercilessly pounded, you hear his breath stop, and a grunt as a warm feeling spreads through your insides. This, accompanied by the sudden twitching of his cock, sets off what feels like your hundredth orgasm. You scream and go limp under the warm body on top of you. You’re tempted to sleep, but the other players are out there, and a whole town waits for you to screw…