Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Tracy...)

As you know whoever this mystery fucker is about to scar your ass, you wiggle about to try to avoid being anally penetrated. This works for a bit, until he grabs you, and shoves his cock up your petite little hole. You gasp in pain as he quickly builds up speed. You’ve never actually had anal, so you yell, “Please, stop, I’ve never had anal!”

He replies by going even harder. After a few minutes of brutal penetration, the man cums inside your asshole, and leaves.

You’re trapped inside a fence in the middle of suburbia, with cum dripping out if your gaping asshole. You try and try to get free, but are now even more stuck.

“Shit,” you mutter to yourself as you hear footsteps from behind the fence. You have a watch, and decide to check the time: 11:27. Everyone is about to be out of work for lunch, and your ass will suffer for it.

It soon reaches lunchtime and the streets are as packed as your hole was. There is a gate to the other side of the fence nearby, so you end up with four more cocks inside you.

Suddenly everyone runs away. It’s a blessed relief, but you are left wondering why…