Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Freed...)

“No bondage, slapping, or being degraded,” you say firmly.

Kieran recites them out loud, “No bondage, slapping, or calling you words like bitch or slut. Got it. Anything else?”

“Nope, that’s pretty much it,” you reply. You sit down next to the naked man and ask, “Because I’m assuming no sex until Wes arrives… Do you have any games or something?”

“Like board games or video games?” he asks.

You think for a second. “Video games.”

He grins. “Mario Kart?”

You grin in an evil way, “Mario Kart.”

Five minutes later Kieran yells, “You have to be cheating! There’s no way you can only die once on Rainbow Road!”

“This is why you don’t challenge the Queen of Mario Kart!” you laugh.

He groans, tired of losing every round. “I’m done with this. Wes should be arriving soon anyways.” He turns off the console.

“Awww, is Kieran tired of losing?” you say taunt.

Kieran flushes and says, “No!”

You are about to reply when the door opens and you hear a deep voice say, “I see what you meant Kieran.” You turn to see a surfer-like blonde guy, standing in the hallway.

“I know right! I hope you’re happy that I called to tell you,” Kieran responds.

“I most certainly am,” Wes replies, looking you up and down. He then wastes no time in taking his shirt off, showing a tan surfer’s body. Exactly like you guessed, he looks like a blonde surfer. He takes off his belt and unbuttons his jeans, bringing them down to a pair of underwear. The underwear couldn’t even contain his dick, as it pokes out of the side. It is thick, and around twelve inches. “Like what you see?” he asks.

“Yes I do, surfer guy,” you say.

Kieran laughs, “That obvious huh? And I’m assuming you guessed by the even tan line that he does nude surfing?”

No you had not guessed that, but screw the truth. “Yep. Yeah. Most certainly,” you stammer out. You yell at yourself in your mind. Why did you try lying? You suck at it!

“So the answer is no,” Wes says amused. “Shall we begin?”

The three of you head outside to the chairs after you strip, and Kieran starts to kiss you softly. It isn’t a kiss of lust, but a kiss of love. So he is immune to your wish. He stops, and kisses you on the forehead before Wes comes up to you and kisses you as well. But of Love, not lust. They have you stand up, and make sure you are comfortable.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” and “Are you feeling okay?” are just some of the things they ask you before truly starting. Kieran begins with your ass, slowly massaging it while Wes stands up and fucks you straight up.

After a while Kieran begins to work his cock up your ass, while Wes stays on time and pulse, kissing you softly as he makes love to you. Kieran finally gets it all the way in, causing you to moan softly into Wes’s mouth. He goes in and out slowly while Wes goes on a straight pulse, balls slapping Kieran’s sometimes.

You cum first, all over Wes’s cock. Kieran goes next, and he pulls out afterwards, standing behind you. He whispers into your ear, “That was amazing.”

Wes cums next, leaving a thick rope spraying out, unable to have anymore go in. He pulls out too, and says, “That was almost as beautiful as you.”

You smile. “This is sudden but all three of us should date!”

They look around confused. “What do you mean?” Wes asks.

“I mean, Wes dates Kieran and I, I date Wes and Kieran, and Kieran dates Wes and I!” you explain.

“Why though?” Kieran asks.

“I love both of you, and I don’t want to pick between you too. You both kissed me out of love, not lust. That means a lot to me. I also saw how Kieran got harder after Wes started slapping his balls against his own, same goes for Wes,” you say.

“I guess it could work…” Wes says.

“I’m willing to try it,” says Kieran.

You smile at your boyfriends. They smile back.

The curse appears to be broken. The three of you get married, one after the other. You end up having three kids, two of Kieran’s and one of Wes’s. You have a happy life, and die a happy woman.

The End