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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Sparclebutt...)

You wake up in the middle of night with your brother still asleep, and decide to sneak out.

You carefully grab your skirt and sneak out your window. But the question remains where do you go now?

You decide to catch a late bus to the town. Thankfully it’s empty and you sit away from the driver. You get off at the park and take a walk through it.

“What the hell am I going to- mff! ”

You feel yourself get dragged into the bushes. As you are pushed on your back you see your assailants. Two middle aged men wearing cheap office worker suits and giving you lustful looks.

“Man we’ve been working night shift and then we come across your little ass! It must be our lucky day!”

The pull their zippers down revealing seven-inch-long dicks sticking out of their hairy bushes.

You try to back away but they catch your arms.

“Now, now babe! We’re not rapists.” As they say this they pull out their wallets and hand you fifty bucks.

You stare at the money disbelievingly, as one of the men lies down and looks at you expectantly.

You pull your panties down and sit on his cock, while his friend starts face fucking you. Five minutes later they cum inside of your mouth and pussy, although they are far from over. They spend until the morning fucking you and dumping their loads inside of you. By the end of it you don’t want them to leave, but you are unable to stop them.

You sit there contemplating your next move.