Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by propaned...)

“Why have you been waiting for me?” you ask as you look at them suspiciously.

“Well,” Jennifer says, “because Dan told me what a slut you are and that you would do anything for his love.”

“No I won’t,” you say defensively.

Dan stands up and looks at you for a second. He then wraps his palm around your cunt.

You briefly think about pulling away but feel you’re juices start to flow and tremble. You close your eyes and let him rub you as you feel your stomach start to turn.

“Emma, get down on your knees,” he says, removing his hand.

You obey with your eyes closed, hoping that if you worship him he’ll realize how much you love him.

You hear him unzip his pants and prepare yourself. His thick large cock springs from its enclosure and hits you in your face, smearing pre cum on your cheek as a tear flows down and mixes with it.

“Suck me slut,” he orders.