Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Danawesome...)

You take the tip of Dan’s cock into your mouth and immediately taste Jennifer’s cunt on it. Your heart sinks as you realize that he just fucked her.

He plunges into your throat and you briefly choke before he pulls completely out.

“Suck it slowly, show me how much you love my cock.”

As you take it in again it presses against the inside of your cheek. Your saliva smooths the surface and allows Dan to slide in and out more easily. He grabs your hair and holds your head still as he starts face-fucking your mouth. The mouth that had once confessed your love for him.

“I’m almost there slut!” he says. “When I blow my load I want you to swallow every bit of it and if you don’t then I’m gonna let Jennifer have her way with you.”

He grunts and then explodes in your mouth. His boiling hot cum hits the back of your throat and at first you gag but, hoping that if you do well he will take you back, you swallow all his bitter cum.

“Good job whore,” he says as he takes your hand and leads you inside.