Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Mayah...)

You go to the twins’ house.

“Todd! Toby-”

“Mom, you know I hate that name!”

“Todd, Tob” their mother says with annoyance. “Get in here and-”

She walks in, and stops. “You!” she says.

“Me?” you ask.

“Yes, you. The one who made that wish,” their mom replies.

“You see, our mom is a gypsy,” Tob explains.

Their mother starts going all weird. A cape with a hood appears on her back, with the hood on her head, her eyes are closed, and her hands are formed in the shape of a ball.

“The curse will break by having sex with the one who caused it,” she says in a mysterious voice. Suddenly, the cape disappears, her eyes shoot open, and her arms jolt back to their original position. “So twins, and twins’ friend, what do you want for dinner?”

“We’re not hungry mom!” they both reply quickly. They once again fist-bump for talking in unison again. They quickly drag you upstairs and start questioning you. “Who is it?” and everything like that. After all the questions have been answered, and stories have been told, they ask you to make a decision. Do you go back to Dan’s house to break the curse, and maybe get back together? Or stay with the twins?