Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Level70Cockmaster...)

You break the kiss for a moment, a line of saliva connecting the two of you briefly. Jennifer’s tongue suddenly flicks out and tries to collect all of it before she goes to your neck and sucks on you playfully. As you pull away you look her in the eyes. “I want you to eat my ass out, Jennifer.”

She smiles at you and gives your former lover a devilish look before turning you around. You’re on your knees now, and she holds your hands behind your back like she’s about to handcuff you (handcuffs? Now that’s an idea…) but instead she slowly starts kissing your back and pushing you forwards so your bare ass is up in the air. Slowly, you feel her tongue slide from your dripping cunt to your virgin asshole.

Dan watches intently. Oh, how many times has your boyfriend asked to have a taste?

You close your eyes and enjoy the sensation of her slippery devil exploring your back entrance. You let out a moan, and she responds by shoving it in as far as it can go. She pulls your hands back, shoving her face even further into your delicious ass.

You can hear whatshisname in the corner, jacking himself furiously. You can also hear Jennifer fingering herself as she assfucks you with her tongue.