Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Danawesome...)

You lie down on Dan’s bed and he gets on top of you. Ripping your panties off, he aligns his cock to your cunt and then slowly rubs it along your slit.

You notice Jennifer on the other side of the room standing with her hand down the front of her jeans. The slut is finally going to see her new boyfriend fuck you. Maybe after she will realize that he loves you more and just leave.

Breaking you out of your thought, his first two inches slide in, splitting your lips and the outside of your vagina. You moan slowly as you partake in something you thought you would only let happen on your wedding night.

Another inch slides in and you feel him hit your hymen.

This is it, you’re innocence, your childhood. Everything that made you pure is about to be taken away. You are about to become a woman to prove to the guy you love that you will do anything for him.

“Fuck her” Jennifer screams and Dan slams into you.

At first you just lie there in pain but as the pain moves up to your stomach you scream so loud that you fear the entire neighborhood has heard you.

He slowly pulls out to the tip and then sinks deep in again and you feel the pain of your destroyed hymen. After a few more rough thrusts all the pain is gone and you just feel him slam into your red-stained cunt. Your entire body is hitting the back of the bed and you feel every impact until finally he pushes in for the last time and you feel his hot cum burn a hole in your young womb.