Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Rosemary...)

A week passes and you stay at Dan’s house, not wanting to risk going out in public again. He ditches Jennifer and devotes all his energy towards fucking you. Hooray!

His demands have gotten more and more extreme, however. You’ve had to start stretching your ass out with a butt plug so the anal won’t hurt so bad.

And now Dan wants you to call him “Daddy.”

You walk up to daddy who’s getting undressed and ready for “bed” and you whisper in his ear that you’re ready. Daddy then turns around and you, being a naughty bad girl, already know what you’re supposed to do. You get on your knees and pull daddy’s boxers down and give daddy a nice little jack-off so he can get nice and hard.

After a moment you make daddy really hard and you give him head slowly. Every now and then you tell daddy you can’t wait for this cock to fuck you in the ass when you bend over. And you’re making daddy oh so proud.

Finally you get on the bed and your pussy has fucking soaked your cute white laces panties so you take them off and give them to him to suck on, because you know he’s absolutely in love with your pussy juice. You then get a condom and put it on daddy’s big cock. He takes your panties out of his mouth after he’s sucked the flavor out of them.

You lie on the bed all princess-like and he gets lube and tells you, “up,” and like a good girl you put your ass in the air. He pours lube all in your ass (it’s all clean) and he asks you if you’re ready.

You nod yes, and daddy slides in his middle finger and notices that it is a little looser. He then slowly pushes in his big cock into your ass and you yelp. To help take your mind off it, he spanks you. You moan “daaaadeeee” and that’s when he has his cock all the way in.

He goes nice and slow, then speeds up a little bit. You yelp and he spanks you. You yelp again so he spanks again, and this goes on for about five minutes and your ass is cherry red and he’s about to just bust. He pulls out and you ask: “Are you done?”

Dan jerks off a little and busts his big load all over your ass. He moans as he cums before finally responding. “Yes baby girl.”

But you know he’ll never truly be done. And from the glazed look in his eyes, he knows it too.

The End