Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by The Girl under your bed...)

“Hey bro?” you ask getting closer to your brother.

“Yeah Emma? What is it?”

“Was that weird to you? You know — fucking me?”

He tilts his head confused then sits next to you. “What do you mean sis? Was it not good?” he replies.

“No, it was surprisingly great, but I mean you’re my brother.” Then you realize your brother’s hand is rubbing your already-wet pussy.

“So, you look so fucking hot sis. I just needed you. And I want you again.” Then he sticks one finger deep into your pussy and you lie down. He sticks his cock into your extremely wet pussy and fucks you hard and deep.

“Agg… Ahh.. yeeeaaahhh… fuck… me harder!” you scream at you your brother. When he finally finishes and comes all over your breasts you get dressed and leave his room.