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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Morg62...)

“Do you want to be daddy’s little girl?” he asks you.

“Yes daddy, I’ll do anything for you.”

Your father sits down on your brother’s bed and you notice he’s once again fully erect. “Come here and ride daddy.”

You climb onto the bed and straddle his cock.

“Hhmm, you feel so good baby,” your daddy moans as he starts to move you up and down on top of him.

“Harder, please daddy, faster,” you pant.

He starts moving his hips up faster as you feel his balls slap against your ass. “Emma, when I get done with you you’ll be swollen for the next nine months!”

You gasp in pleasure, the mere thought of having your daddy’s seed inside of you making you orgasm. “Please daddy, make me swollen with your baby.”

He grunts loudly, letting you know he’s about to fulfill your fantasy.