Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“I’d like to explore those feet of those with my tongue,” Kieren says, almost licking his lips.

You’re a little surprised. “Are you some kind of foot fetishist?”

He shrugs “Is that so bad? I just see feet and think the same thing other guys think when they see boobs or a nice ass. Other guys want to lick and suck boobs, foot lovers want to do the same thing to feet.”

Put that way, it doesn’t sound too bad. Besides, you might turn out to like it. “Sure, I’m game,” you say, smiling.

“Brilliant.” He looks as if his birthday has come early. “Let’s go inside — I don’t like the look of that cloud.”

When you’re inside and sitting on the sofa, Kieran begins. First, he carefully removes your shoes and socks, as if handling fragile objects. Upon slipping off your sock he lets out a small gasp. He looks up at your face and says, “You have perfect feet. The toes, the arches — all of it.”

As you let the compliment wash over you, a thought strikes you. “Do foot fetishes vary?” you ask, curious for a moment.

“Of course,” Kieran answers, slipping off your other shoe. “Some guys like big women with big boobs and some like small women with a petite body. It’s the same thing with feet. But to me, your feet are as perfect as feet can get.” He reassures you with a smile.

He slips off your other sock and begins caressing your foot. For such a big guy, his hands are exceedingly gentle. He traces the muscles in your foot slowly, applying just the right amount of pressure. It’s clear he’s done this before.

He bends down and kisses the point above your toes and you feel a small tingling through your whole body from the origin point; like electricity. You wonder: Has the wish gone? Did Kieran’s kiss on your foot break the curse? You make a mental note to check later.

Kieran begins to kiss your foot all over, slowly. He kisses each of your toes, your sole, the ball of the foot — every part. After repeating the experience on your other foot, he moves back to your toes and places each one in his mouth, sucking for a second or two before releasing.

You find yourself quite enjoying the experience. Every kiss, every touch, he executes with the gentleness of a lover. It’s very intimate, and knowing that this man has submitted to you gives you a small thrill of excitement.

He allows his tongue to rest on the heel of your right foot before licking all the way upwards to your toes. It tickles, but in an enjoyable way that you can’t explain. He repeats it on your left foot, seeming to relish the taste.

He looks up at you and says, “Thank you, Emma. Would you like to fuck me now? I can keep up the worship if you want, but it’ll be a bit weirder, since you know little about it.”

You think for a second or two before making your decision.