Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“You have a strap-on here?” you ask Jennifer.

“For you, Emma, I have much more,” she whispers lustfully.

You smile cruelly. “Then get it out and bend over the bed. I’m gonna fuck your asshole raw.”

It’s a simple strap-on worn like a piece of underwear. After you slip it on (and lube it a bit with your saliva), Jennifer bends over the bed and spread her asscheeks. Her inviting asshole seems to almost breathe in anticipation.

You position the eight-inch strap-on at her entrance, then, without waiting for her say-so, you thrust it all in at once. The rush of vindictive pleasure as you force it all in is the best feeling you’ve had today.

You fuck Jennifer hard and fast, pushing it all in with each thrust. Dan is jacking off furiously, and you wonder if you should treat him to the same thing afterwards. Jennifer is moaning in ecstatic bliss; you reach forward and grab her hair, speeding up your fucking even more.

Jennifer can’t talk for moaning: “Ah! Ung! Oh! Uhn!”

“You like that you fucking anal slut?” you ask her through gritted teeth.

“Fuck yes!” she cries out. “I-I-I’m-cum-ming!”

You thrust into her one last time and hear the “Psssssssst” of Jennifer squirting onto the floor. Then you pull out of Jennifer’s tight ass and she rolls onto the bed, panting heavily.

“I didn’t say we were done yet,” you tell her.

She looks at you surprised, but also as if she can’t wait to do it again. You wonder what you should do to the little bitch next.