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(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“You need some help?” you hear from behind you.

“Yes, I would like to get free of this fence,” you answer.

The man answers, “Okay, try not to move too much.”

First he pulls your panties back over your pussy and you mutter a quick thank you. You then feel his hands on your ass pushing you forward. You’re going slightly forwards as he pushes harder, grunting.

Then, all at once, the fence breaks and you fall through, along with your would-be saviour. What’s more, he falls face first onto your ass. He lifts himself up as you scramble to your feet and turn around. He’s quite handsome and a bit chunky, which explains why it took so long for him to push you through.

“Thank you. I thought I’d be stuck there all day,” you say to him.

“It’s no problem,” he answers. “I guessed that someone already took advantage of you being there.”

You shrug and reply. “It wasn’t too bad. I barely felt anything to be honest,” you add as a joke.

He chuckles. “Well, if you’ll permit the compliment, you do look like the child of Jessica Rabbit and Thor.”

You blush slightly. “Thanks. May I know the name of my hero?”

“Bruce,” he answers. “What’re you going to do now? Report that guy to the police?”

With all the attention you’re getting today, that sounds like a bad idea. “No — I didn’t get a look at his face. Besides, that’s not the first time someone’s tried that with me today.”

“What do you mean?” he asks, quite sharply.