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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Harry Potter...)

Mister Perkins walks over to you, with his huge bulge becoming bigger and bigger. He slowly teases you and unzips his trousers to reveal his huge ten-inch cock, a full erection and with a glint of precum on the tip. He sits down in front of you.

“Be a good girl now Emma,” he whispers almost seductively in your ear. “Open wide for Mister Perkins now.”

You’re stunned. What do you do? Run? You can’t. Grandpa’s cock is stuck in your asshole and he’s pinning you down to the counter. Reluctantly you open your mouth and in a flash Mister Perkins stuffs his huge cock in your face, almost making you choke.

You’re being humped from both ends. One goes in and another comes out. Faster and faster. Mister Perkins has your hair now, pulling your back and forth, making you enjoy his monster dick. Grandpa now has his old wrinkly man hands hold your ass cheeks tight, giving something to hold on to as he thrusts at your rectum furiously.

“Oh fuck!’ you all exclaim as each one of you cums. Mister Perkins unloads twentry years worth of cum into your mouth. It dribbles down your chin and he sexily licks it off for you.

You all lie on the sofa. Grandpa eats your pussy out and Mister Perkins squats above your face as you suck his balls. He wanks above you and his warm white love dribbles on to your bare tits.

“Same time next week. No excuses!” demands Mister Perkins.