Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Dani...)

“I am here to evaluate the goalie,” you say in a cute, almost childish, voice.

“That would be me,” says the 6.9 foot goalie as he walks over to you. You see the disappointed look in the rest of the team’s eyes.

The goalie introduces himself. “I’m Josh,” he says as he leads you away from his horny team mates.

Once you’re in private you say, “I will… let you do anything you want to me for a hundred bucks.”

With those words he picks up your petite body and puts you over his shoulder. “Practice is over,” he chuckles as he lays you down in the back seat of his pickup truck. You start to masturbate and finger yourself in the backseat and he puts one arm back and starts to fondle your boobs.

It is not a long drive, probably fifteen minutes, to what appears to be a shop. He picks you up and carries you inside. Then he ties your hands above your head and attaches the rope to what looks like a pulley system. He lifts you up until your hips are level with his shoulders.

The goalie pulls out his phone and calls a couple of people, then he rips off your clothes and starts to eat you out. A couple of minutes later five more jocks show up and he lowers you down, but not far enough for you to touch the ground.

All of a sudden they are all naked and stroking their huge dicks. “What the fuck?” you yell at him.

“Hey, you said anything,” he replies. Seconds later they are all groping and eating you out, then fucking you in both holes. You start to enjoy being pulled around by six huge guys twice the size of you.