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(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“I’ve got a small collection of costumes in the attic. Maid outfit, schoolgirl costume and so on. You go into the attic, put a costume on and act the role you’re dressed up as while we fuck,” Kieran requests. Just his use of the word “fuck” sends a small shiver down your back.

You nod in consent before heading inside and almost running up the stairs. You head up a second flight of stairs into the attic. It’s not dusty at all and there’s a small cloth wardrobe with a zip hatch. You pull the zip all around the oval and it falls to the side, giving you a fantastic view of the costumes Kieran’s collected.

Among them you can see a maid outfit and schoolgirl uniform like he said, but there’s also outfits for a hooker, a nun, a vampire and other costumes, including some that you recognize from video games. You think hard as you sort through them, thinking about how you’d look in them and which role would turn you on the most.