Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

You take the dark blue jacket and skirt, along with the plastic baton and a pair of handcuffs.

You hope that Kieran won’t object to being dominated as you slip the skirt on and fasten the buttons on the jacket. You sometimes wanted to take control in the bedroom with Dan, but he never let you. You can’t fasten the topmost button on the jacket so you just decide to leave it open.

You walk downstairs and see Kieran, still naked, on the sofa. He looks at you and seems surprised. “I didn’t think you were the dominant type, Emma,” he tells you.

“That’s Officer Emma to you,” you tell him, jumping straight into the role. You grab the handcuffs from your belt and twirl them around your finger, hoping they don’t fly off. “Now, hands behind your head.”

Kieran smiles and does as he’s told, putting his hands above his head. You climb onto him and fasten the handcuffs around his wrists, pressing your body against his in the process. You look down after fastening them and give him a quick slap on the face. “I didn’t say you could look.” you tell him.

“Sorry, officer,” he says, not sounding sorry at all.

You smile cruelly. “Eyes shut.” you order him. He instantly shuts his eyes and you let yourself down, his dick nestling between your asscheeks. You reach behind you and trace your finger down it. You feel it twitch against your finger and continue downwards until you reach the ballsack. You grab it roughly and Kieran winces.

“Oh, so you’re sorry now?” you tease him, tightening your grip. He gasps hard and nods frantically, struggling against the cuffs. “Say it,” you tell him.

“I’m sorry for looking, officer!” he says painfully. “I’ll keep my eyes shut until you tell me! I swear!”

You let go of his ballsack and begin to stroke his already hard cock, wondering what to do with him next.