Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Well, I like being degraded; like being called a slut and whore and stuff like that. Besides that, I just want it to be vanilla,” you tell him, smiling slightly.

“Okay then, you little slutbag,” Kieran tells you, a smile creeping across his face. He sits on the sofa. “Until Wes gets here, how about you strip off and show me your whore body?”

You agree, stripping off your shirt and pants before sliding down your panties. You bend over away from Kieran, giving him a full view of your pussy and asshole before unclipping your bra and letting it fall down, standing up and facing Kieran.

Kieran nods his approval. “Well, no wonder you’re such a fucking whore. Many men would pay to fuck a body like yours.”

You smile at his words, and see a small glob of precum coming out of his dickhead’s tip. He notices your gaze and smiles. “Does the little whore want to suck my huge cock?”

“Yes, Kieran. The little whore wants to suck your huge dick,” you answer, almost transfixed.

“Then get to it Emma, you fucking slut,” Kieran orders you, but he can’t stop a smile from forming.

You don’t need telling twice. Immediately sitting next to him on the sofa, you bend yourself over and lick the glob of precum. It tastes quite sweet, and you suck his dick’s tip, trying to get more. Kieran can only sigh in pleasure as you give him (what you can guess is) his first blowjob. You push yourself a little further down his dick so the tip is almost touching the back of your mouth.

“Oh fuck, that feels amazing…” he says aloud. Before you can do anything, there’s the sound of the front door being opened and shut.

“Kieran?” a slightly deep voice comes from the hallway.

“In here, Wes,” Kieran shouts. You lift your head up but Kieran keeps the tip in your mouth. Not that you’re complaining.

Wesley steps into the living room and sees you with Kieran’s cock in your mouth. He’s a little bit shorter than Kieran, and he has shorter, lighter hair as well as a light brown goatee. He’s quite handsome, overall.

He sighs. “Fuck’s sake, Kieran. You couldn’t wait, could you?” he asks.

Kieran answers swiftly. “Hey, she’s a fucking slut. She asked to suck me off. She also asked to be called names while we fuck her.”

“So she’s a fuck pig?” He asks before looking at you. “Well, you little bag of slutty trash, I hope you won’t mind me pounding your bacon while you suck off Kieran.”

You shake your head, which is easier said than done because Kieran’s cock is still in your mouth.