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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Mali&Liv...)

You stand there frozen for a second, before whipping out your phone, and speed dialing Claudia. It barely even rings once before she picks up.

“Hey! What’s up?” she asks, almost too chirpily.

“Um, hey, would it be alright if I came over and hung out for the day? My parents are kinda freaking me out,” you say, while slowly backing away from your parents creepy (and totally inappropriate) gaze, and towards the front door.

“Sure! I was hoping we could get together and do something,” is her reply.

“Okay, I’ll be right over,” you say, snapping your phone shut and dashing through the door, making a beeline for the bus stop.

You stop next to the bench and lean against the sign. “What the hell was up with mom and dad?” you ask yourself.

Your thoughts are interrupted when you feel a hand go up your skirt. You turn around to see a man standing behind you, his hand on your ass like it’s no big deal.

“What the hell? Keep your hands to yourself, you perv!”

He smirks, but doesn’t remove his hand. Instead, he moves his hand, so his finger is prodding your opening through your panties.

You look up and see the bus turn the corner. At this point, you don’t know if you should just let him have his fun, or get on the bus and leave the creeper behind. But he could always just follow you onto the bus.

Then you remember your old bike that is still sitting in the garage. But that’d mean going back towards your house, and creepy parents.