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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Kylie2134...)

Your brother takes your hand but suddenly lets go. He sees your confusion and explains, “I still want to fuck you, so no touching. It’ll be best if you walk in front of me so I can keep a lookout.”

You nod your head in understanding and walk ahead of him. You start walking down a field, heading home. There’s a groan from behind you and you turn around to see what’s wrong.

“Stop swaying your ass like that, Emma! I’m trying to protect you here!”

You giggle as he rolls his eyes at you. You finally get home without anything bad happening. You walk up to the door, about to open it, but you stop.

“Bro, how do I get in without Mom and Dad seeing me?” you ask.

He looks at you, puzzled. “Shit! I didn’t think about that. What do you suggest we do?”

You could go inside the door and have to deal with your parents, or you could climb up a ladder up to his room and might accidently flash your protective brother your pussy and risk causing his self-control to crumble.