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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Weedgirl...)

“Maybe we can take the party back to your place?” you suggest.

“What a great idea!” the tall girl remarks.

You follow them up the fire escape into the window of a second story. They waste no time undressing you from your wet, torn clothes.

“You stink… but in a sexy way,” the blonde tells you.

You giggle. “Maybe you girls can clean me up”

The two drag you into the bathroom, which is large for their studio. They must be a couple, you think, because they appear to both live here with only one bed. You’re beginning to think that maybe a couple of cute girls might be just what you need to get over your breakup with Dan.

The shower is monstrous, with a big bench inside and several water pressure settings. You also catch a glimpse of a couple of suction-cup dildos on the wall. The bath is also huge, with a set of powerful jets and a mysterious box labeled “bath time fun”, which you assume are also toys. The girls tell you it’s your call, but that either way you won’t become any less dirty.