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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Ash...)

“Hmm. Come here Dan.”

Your ex-boyfriend looks at you, his eyes lust filled, cock throbbing.

“Just me?” he whimpers, causing you to shudder.

“You, and-” You are cut off as he throws you to the ground, the carpet pressing against your back.

“You want this?” he whispers, smacking your face with his cock. You nod.

He calls one of the girls over and sits her on your face. You devour her pussy, licking away at it, sticking your tongue in and out.

“Aaaaa,” she moans as you feel around, trying to hold something.

“Come here” Dan ushers to someone. Soon, two girls are planting themselves on each of your hands. You feel around inside them, with your fingers deep as you eat out the dripping pussy on your face.

Your ex-boyfriend pushes himself into you with absolutely no preparation and you scream as loud as you can.

“Do you want someone to fuck your ass?” he asks between thrusts.

Do you?