Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Summer...)

“I demand it!” you shout.

Before you know what’s happening the girls come and they all help to lift you off the floor. While Dan is still fucking you slowly, your best friend Claudia prepares your ass with a tube of lube and then she helps Dan’s best friend Pete to get in under you. She professionally sucks his cock hard and directs it towards your anus.

Dan is looking rather strained. “Oh fuck,” he says, “someone take over here for a while!” He tags out and a black guy named Gary Mitchell who lives in your neighborrhood takes over. As Dan pulls out the other guy is ready with his huge cock. You’re kind of surprised to see this guy here, because you see he’s married, then you have a look around and you realize that Gary’s wife Elizabeth is here too, eagerly watching and fingering her pussy.

“Oh, Hi there, Mrs Mitchell,” you say, “I didn’t see you there, AoooHHhh!!”

Mrs Mitchell smiles and waves at you, as you feel Mr Mitchell’s cock penetrate you at the same time as Pete rams his cock up your ass from below. The double penetration sending a shock through your body. Your ass is bouncing up and down on Pete’s cock while Mr Mitchell is ramming his thick cock into you harder and harder.

You scream out from the top of your lungs until your shout is muffled by Dan’s cock in your mouth. It’s just what you needed, you love to have his cock in your mouth and you suck it hard as if it contains the only breathable oxygen left on the planet. And when you feel your body convulsing in orgasm, Pete and Gary and Dan shoot you full of cum all at the same time. You swallow every last drop of Dan’s salty cum and lie exhausted on the floor, with cum dripping out of your ass and pussy.

“Well,” you say, panting, “that was a nice warm up, who wants to go next?”