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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Tinker...)

This is the most awkward family breakfast you’ve ever had. You try to pretend that everything is normal, but it’s obvious it’s not.

Your dad, who usually is reading his newspaper and hardly talking to anyone is sitting with a satisfied grin over his face, probably still thinking about the striptease show you threw him in the garage just now. He’s chatting idly about school and boys and trying to find out, in a way he was never interested before, if you’re currently dating anyone right now. He seems to take any opportunity the conversation might offer to place a hand on your thigh.

“No dad, Dan broke up with me, and I really don’t feel like talking about it.”

Your mother is nervously shooting glances between you and your father, as if she knows something has happened between you. Out of shame you try to avoid eye contact with her, but she keeps calling your attention in a silly way she usually reserves for your brother.

“Would you like some more bread dear? Is the coffee alright? It’s not to strong for you? Oh let me get that for you honey!” She constantly seems to find an excuse to get up and get one thing or another, and on her way back to the table she casually leans over you to place something on the table, letting her body lean on yours, pushing her boobs against you.

And your since your brother came down the stairs he hasn’t said a word. He’s just sitting there straight in front of you at the kitchen table, looking at you like the village fool with his mouth agape, his eyes transfixed on your breasts.

“Here bro,” you say and hand him a tissue, “wipe your chin, you’re drooling!” He hardly responds, just takes the tissue and keeps staring. But nobody else seems to notice. Instead of wiping his chin, he starts caressing your leg with his foot.