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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Tinker...)

“I want you to put a finger up my butt,” you say again quietly and blushing. You think of all the times you and Dan fooled around in bed and he refused to play with your asshole. You always wanted to try that, and now here with your best friend Claudia, you feel safe to ask for it. It feels like she respects you, and whatever you ask of her, she won’t think you’re weird or crazy.

“Like this?” she says, and after wetting her index finger in her mouth she lets it slide into your anus. As you feel her finger sliding further and further into your body, your eyes and your mouth spread wide in sensation. You lock your arms around her neck and pull her towards you.

“Deeper!” you whisper in her ear, “Harder!” and you push your hips down on her finger.