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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Tinker...)

You get so turned on by the taste of Claudia. Her clitoris is big and as she pulls your head towards her, you close your lips around her clit and start sucking at it hard.

“Yeah, that’s right Emma baby,” Claudia moans low above you as she pushes you harder and harder towards her own crotch. As if you where her plaything. “Suck it hard!”

You put one hands on her butt and try to keep breathing as you’re being face-fucked by your best friend. You relish the taste of her pussy; you never thought eating pussy could taste so good. And she is so sensitive, responding to your smallest touch with shivers that run deep through her body. You’re amazed at how easily you can control her body. When you pause and go slowly, she seems to whimper, begging you to let her finish.

With one hand behind her back you spread her butt cheeks slightly, still sucking away at her clitoris. Your other free hand you let it slide up along her legs up to her slit. You part her labia and slide your thumb up her vagina while letting your other index and middle fingers slide back along her butt and play with her anus. You tease her, pushing your fingers against her anus, while at the same time feeling her with your thumb from the inside. All this with your lips gorging at her clit.

Claudia is now panting loudly and moaning above you. Her fingers grapple at your hair desperately, as someone falling off a cliff would grab at a rope. You feel as if you are in control in a way you’ve never been before. Claudia sits on your hand like a glove, and she wiggles from your touch as if she was your little hand puppet, ready to do your every bidding. The sense of mastering the situation makes you feel horny and excited. You want to make her feel more. You want it to be even more intense.

As you keep sucking her clitoris hard you push your thumb up her vagina, fucking her frantically with your thumb while pushing your index finger against her anus. This finally sends her over the top.

When she comes, her whole body is shaking in convulsions, you feel her legs trembling under your hands and you bite softly and viciously, smiling into her ripe clitoris one last time.

Claudia seems to have forgotten everything about being quiet, and finally she lets out a loud scream and a moan as she pushes your head one last time towards her pussy. You can hardly breathe, but you enjoy being muffled by her wet and warm pussy, her juices flowing all over your face.

Amazing! You never thought you could make someone come like that. You don’t even think you’ve ever come like that in your whole life.

Claudia is hardly even finished with her orgasm when her bedroom door opens and you hear a voice say “What’s going on in here?”