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(Everybody Wants You, continued by lel...)

After the long and torturous session you finally gain consciousness. You realize that you’re in a hospital with your parents staring at you through a clear window. A doctor comes in and you are surprised that he does not try to molest you. He sits down and tells you that you are pregnant with a child. Without thinking you immediately realize that you are bearing a child with a ninety year old.

“I also have some other bad news for you.” the doctor says.

After some time explaining the doctor says that you were found there unconscious by some next-door neighborrs of Mister Perkins, who came there after hearing him reaching the climax of his orgasm. He also says they not only discovered your unconscious body, they also found Mister Perkins’ dead body, after he died from a heart caused by your session.

So not only are you pregnant from having sex with a ninety year old man, you are also pregnant with a child who has no father.