Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Tele...)

“Well, that bulge is actually pretty big,” you think to yourself as you bite your lip nervously.

Before you can come to your senses and back away, he steps closer again and grabs you by your waist with one hand while grabbing a boob with the other. You briefly give a feeble resistance before he twists your nipple and a small moan escapes your lips. His hand slides down to your ass and he gives it a firm squeeze, pulling you into him as he reaches his lips toward yours. You’re pretty turned on by this point for some reason and you heatedly return his kiss, sliding your tongue into his mouth and surprising him slightly before he breaks the kiss and grins at his friend, who has his cock whipped out and is stroking it.

Not a moment passes before he’s putting a hand on your shoulder and pushing you down to the bulge in his pants. You hungrily claw at his zipper to free a cock that is larger than your ex’s, it practically springs out of his pants and you straight away give a long wet lick up the thick shaft. He tangles his fingers in your hair while you gently hold the base of his cock with one hand and cradle his balls with the other, as you begin to slip your drooling mouth slowly over his head and down his shaft. With his hands on your head, he slowly pushes his cock deeper into your mouth until it is soon touching the back of your throat.

You play with his balls as he eases his rock-hard cock in and out of you, each time forcing it just a little further down your throat. You are so turned on by him face fucking you that you moan loudly with his dick in your mouth, reaching between your dripping-wet thighs to slide a finger into your soaking cunt. You start to finger yourself furiously as the teenager picks up the pace and rams his cock as deep down your throat as it can go.

Soon you feel a mind-blowing orgasm approaching, and as timing would have it, you feel the young man give a few last thrusts before finally ramming his cock deep down your throat for the last time. Your body doesn’t know what to do with itself as you feel his warm cum slither down your throat, and you explode in rapid waves of ecstasy that make your eyes roll back and your sense of balance dissipate as everything goes black. Eventually you slowly gain your bearings, struggling to breathe a little as he’s still got so much of his huge but wilting dick in your throat, that you didn’t even have to swallow. Slowly he lets your mouth slide off his cock as he grins down at your triumphantly.

You sheepishly smile back up at him, eyes watering a bit from choking on his thickness. You look over to his friend, expecting him to have blown his load already. Only, he hasn’t; he’s still stroking his cock at the same pace as before, only now he has a dangerously hungry glint in his eyes. Looking down at his dick now, you realize it’s even bigger than the one that just struggled with. You feel a growing sense of nervousness coupled with excitement as you realize you can’t tear your eyes away from this one either.