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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Hathor...)

“To be completely honest, I really don’t know why this happened.” You start to tell this complete stranger the events starting last night — the break-up, the wish you made, the intense reactions you have been getting from everyone you’ve met today.

“..,And seeing that I was stuck in the fence a few minutes again, you now understand why I couldn’t just run away from that guy.”

“Rough day kid. You really weren’t thinking when made you that wish last night huh?” says Bruce, who, despite everything he just heard, now has a kinder smile on his face. What’s more intriguing is that he hasn’t made a move on you yet. There must be a reason why.

“Yeah I know. I was just really hurt with what my ex-boyfriend Dan did. But now I realize I just wanted to feel like someone wanted me —for real. Not like this. Not just because of a spell.” Tears start to form in the corners of your eyes.

The kind stranger hugs you and starts caressing your hair. “There, there. Don’t worry. I promise I’ll help you find a way to stop this curse.”

“Why? Why help me? You don’t even know me?” you ask, not knowing if this is a trick or not.

“Let’s just say you remind me of someone I care about. As for not knowing me, I can fix that. Let me take you home first before anyone else tries to do something worse to you.”