Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Md...)

Your brother takes his long cock out and starts to stroke it.

“What are we doing?” you say as you feel yourself getting wet.

“Just go with it.”

You get on your knees and wrap your lips around his shaft. He groans with pleasure as you lick his head. You move down and suck his balls gently.

“You’re so good Emma,” he says. “Go faster.”

You put his dick as far back in your mouth as possible and start to gag. You suck faster and faster. You know you’re doing good because he groans with pleasure. You can feel his hot dick throbbing in your mouth and throat. He moans some more, you can tell that he’s getting close to cumming.

He groans loudly as he pulls his dick out of your mouth and shoots his hot load all over your face. Cum is in your eyes, mouth, nose and hair. Some is even dribbling down onto your breasts too.

“That was soooo good, sis,” he says as his dick is twitching. “Let’s do it again sometime.”

You stand up and leave the room covered in sperm.