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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Md...)

“Fuck me right here, right now, doggy style,” you say.

You get on the floor on all fours and you feel her huge, monster cock penetrate your pussy. All the loads of cum already in there make it even more pleasurable for both of you. The huge dick spreads your pussy wider than it has been all day. You groan with satisfaction. Lust grabs your breasts and continues humping while she rubs your nipples, which increases your pleasure.

“Your pussy is so nice,” she says as she continues to thrust.

“Tha-tha-thanks,” you manage to pant through moans. Her giant dick hits your g-spot and you climax, squirting everywhere. Lust keeps fucking, and you take it. You squirm with delight — out of all the dicks you’ve taken, Lust’s is the best by far.

She continues fucking you for hours upon hours, with multiple orgasms and squirts along the way. After what feels like an eternity, she finally shoots her hot, sticky load all over your body, drenching you in cum from head to toe.

“Alright,” Lust says, “you were the best fuck I’ve had in years. What is your wish?”