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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Seymore...)

“I want to be a dick girl, just like you. I want to fuck the world and cover it in my cum. I want to have a long and hard cock pointing at the world so everybody knows I’m not to mess with.”

“As you wish,” says Lust and, with a wave of her hand, she sprinkles some dust over your pussy and with a tingling sensation a huge cock starts to grow above it. It’s big and throbbing and you gasp as you look at the size of it. As it keeps growing your body is convulsed with orgasms.

You instinctively grab it with both your hands and start jerking it, while it is still growing. Lust puts two fingers in your pussy. “Do you like your new toy?” she asks as she plunges her fingers deep inside of you.

“I love it! It’s almost as big as yours! Ahh…” Then you convulse in ecstasy as you shoot a huge load of cum all over both yourself and Lust. You’ve never seen so much cum before in your life. And it’s thick and warm.

“Now,” you say, your cock still hard, “I’m ready to cover the world in my cum!”