Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Evil Z...)

You lift your foot up to your brother’s crotch and gently rub him. His eyes light up and he lets out a grunt. Your mother looks jealously at the two of you. You feel his dick hardening under your foot and he lifts his own foot to grind against your pussy. The sensation sends tremors through you. You pull down his pants and wink at him. He nods, and grinning you nudge your fork off the table.

“Oops!” you say, feigning innocence. You bend over, providing him a great display of your jiggling cleavage and your mother a view of your now-exposed pussy. As you reach down you knock the fork further along the floor.

“Oops! I seem to have knocked the fork through the floor boards, hold on I’ll just get it…”

Crawling under the table you head straight for your brother’s cock grabbing it by the shaft. He lets out another grunt and your mother looks at him concerned.

“Are you okay honey?” she asks.

“Fine” He chokes out as you begin to swallow down his massive cock. It’s not quite as long as your father’s but it’s very thick and you feel your throat stretch as you force it down. Your brother slams his fist into the table as you suddenly slide down his cock, your lips slamming into his pelvis. The plates rattle and your parents look up.

“Are you okay there?” your mother exclaims.

“Fine, fine,” he chokes out, forcing a smile. They clearly don’t believe him but return to their food. Feeling your vision start to darken you slide yourself off your brothers dick enough to take a breath before re-impaling yourself on his cock. You start sliding up and down his cock only pausing for breath and keep doing so for some time. Your brother suddenly grabs your hair forcing you to stop.

“I’m going to cum,” he whispers.

Grinning, you awkwardly pull off your shirt as best you can under the table, laying bare your big tits. At least you’ll always have these over Jennifer. You sandwich your brother’s cock between them and jerk up and down, loving the feel of your soft tits against his hard cock. After about another minute you feel his cock start to twitch and you quickly slam your head down on his cock.

To your surprise he shoots out the most absurd amount of cum you’ve ever seen. It quickly fills up your stomach and then forces his dick out or your esophagus and mouth where you watch it spray through the air. You stand by helplessly as you struggle to breathe through his cum as it soaks your tits, your face and all through your clothes, covering you from head to toe. It sprays all along the underside of the table and the floor, and hits your parents legs, to their shock.

As you lick the cum off your brother’s dick you consider what to do. There’s no way you can clean up while under the table.