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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Daisy_Passion...)

You walk towards Dan and wrap your arms around his neck, looking in his deep blue eyes. “I want you to make love to me. True love. Show me that you are done with that slut.”

Dan tosses the stuff aside and quickly lifts you up. You yelp in surprise, but then smile naughtily and kiss him passionately. He drags you over to your room. When you have arrived, he walks to the window and pushes you between his hot body and the glass.

“Now,” you manage to say, “I want you in me.”

He sets you gently down and starts to undress. You watch in delight as he pulls his shirt over his head. His body is just… magnificent. Perfect. Like a god.

When he takes his pants off his cock springs up as if he missed you. You take it in your hand and start to stroke it. God, you really missed that thing.

Dan groans slightly at your touch. He reaches out and helps you undress. You start to feel that nice, warm excitement in your stomach when you both stand nude in the room.

He launches himself towards you and takes one of your breasts in his hand. The sensation of his hand kneading your warm flesh is just amazing. You can feel the tip of his dick sliding across your crotch, nearly missing your already soaking wet pussy.

“Now,” you moan.

He looks at you, a slight worried expression at his face. “Emma, shouldn’t you take the pill first? And I need to put a condom on.”

“Later. Please, don’t use a condom. Not this time. I want to feel your dick in me, pure nature.”

Dan seems to be hesitating. “If that’s what you want…”

He grabs your ass and hauls you up. His cock placed at your entrance, he slowly pushes forward. You both groan in this moment of pure ecstasy. “God, Emma, you’re so tight.”

You lock your ankles behind his bottom and lean forward to whisper in his ear, “Fuck me.”

Obeying, he slowly starts to thrust his dick in your hugging cunt. You close your eyes and throw your head back, almost hitting the window. This is perfection. Almost as if it’s meant to be this way. Being one in a moment of pure love and passion.

You look to Dan. He has a concerned expression on his face, making sure that you get the full amount of pleasure. That’s why you love him so much.

He feels that you’re in need of some more action. He starts to pound you faster, thrusting his dick faster and faster. His balls slap hard to your bottom.

Dan bents his head and digs it in your breasts. He starts to lick your nipples, sometimes sucking them into his mouth. You’re trying to meet his thrusts and draw him deeper into you with your legs.

Of course, it doesn’t take much time to reach the ultimate climax.

“Oh… my… god…” you pant. “Dan, I’m going to cum!”

He releases one of your nipples with a wet plop and looks up to you. “I think… me too.”

You get a fantastic idea. “L-let’s cum together!”

Of course, he agrees. You launch your lips towards his and you engage in a passionate kiss. You can feel his dick swelling up. Your pussy is wetter than ever and you know that you’re going to cum soon.

With a muffled scream you reach your orgasm. It feels like your body is hit with a giant lightning strike. You tremble in his strong arms. Your pussy tightens around his dick, over and over, causing him to cum, too. Your tongues fight with each other like they have their own orgy. You feel the sensation of warm, sticky love being shot in your body and finding its way inside.

Dan stumbles backwards and you both collapse on your bed in a sweating heap of passion. You lie on top of him, his dick still buried deep in your cunt. You break the kiss and look in his eyes.

“I love you,” he says.

“I love you too,” you smile. You rest your head on his chest, his arms wrapped around you. It feels so right. You could spend your entire life lying there, in his arms.

In this moment you’re probably the luckiest girl in the world.

The End