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(Everybody Wants You, continued by fanficfanatic...)

You catch your breath after being fucked by what felt like hundreds of cocks repeatedly pounding inside of your tight pussy, asshole, and mouth. Your hands are also covered in so much cum, and your panties are no longer around your knees. Your shoes were also stolen in the process.

Now that everyone has gone, you come to realize the reason why. A giant gorilla that looks like King Kong is charging for the fence, knocking everything down, helping you get loose. You panic and get to your feet quickly to run away, but King Kong decides to pick you up by the skirt and dangle you high in the air. He brings your ass closer to his face to sniff your cum dumpster of a pussy, and then licks it. You shudder in disgust, and try to break free, but the massive ape is not affected.

You feel it’s large tongue lick your pussy, and then your asshole, clean. You feel yourself get lowered down finally, but only to be harshly slammed onto the ape’s fat cock. It hurts madly as you let out a pathetic noise, a result of trying to scream, but you can’t. The ape keeps pounding your cunt till it bleeds, and finishes by dumping a gallon of cum into your now very loose vagina.

You sob, wishing you just stayed home, until you hear loud helicopter rotors. King Kong slings you over his shoulder and starts for the city.