Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by fanficfanatic...)

You dupe the gangsters by running in and out of alleyways, until eventually you see the cops.

You run towards the cop car that is parked. Inside are two cops drinking coffee. You reach the car and turn around to see if the gang is still chasing you, then knock on the glass yelling for help. The cop just smiles and nods. He opens the door and steps out.

You sigh in relief. “Thank god you’re here, a guy was about to rape me and-”

The cop holds his hand up to shush you. “Miss, I will need to check you for weapons,” he smirks.

“But those guys were-” you argue.

“Ma’am,” the other cop says approaching you from behind.

You give up and follow their directions. “Hold your hands behind your head,” the one behind you says.

You roll your eyes and comply. You feel him grab your inner thigh and pull it away from the other leg to separate them. “You could have just asked,” you scoff.

“Just following procedure, Miss,” the cop in front of you chuckles before groping one of your tits. You tense up trying to resist slapping the cop.

“Is this necessary?” you ask as you are being felt up by the cop behind you.

“Yes, Miss.” The cop groping your tits reaches up your shirt and pinches a nipple. “Why aren’t you wearing a bra?” he asks, biting his lip.

You blush. “I uh…” You wince a little because the one behind you is rubbing your inner thigh, running his hand up and down. All of a sudden you get hand cuffed by the one in front.

“Miss, you are under arrest for prank calling the cops. Obviously you were not getting raped, you were asking to be molested by not wearing a bra,” he explains.

You are pushed onto the hood of the car to be “further inspected”. Your skirt rides up your ass revealing your panties. The cop pushes his erection onto your ass. You sob and wonder why all this is happening to you.

“Is that a gun?” you ask, feeling something hard poking at your panties.

“No,” he simply replies and grinds on you. The other cop stands on the other side of the car with his cock in his hands, rubbing it. All of a sudden the officer behind you pulls your panties down and kicks your legs apart. He forces himself into you, and you feel a tear roll down your check. Your tits are pressed against the hood, and the cop in front of you just smirks as he gets his cock ready for you.

“You are a very naughty criminal,” the one masturbating chuckles.

“Please, why are you doing this?” you ask as you are being fucked in the pussy by the officer who is also pulling your hair back.

“Shut up and suck this cock for me you dirty felon,” the one across the car says, before walking to the side of you, and pulling you towards his hard cock. He thrusts into your mouth, hitting you in the back of the throat multiple times making you gag and choke. You feel the officer in your pussy cum finally with a sigh of relief. You shiver, remembering you didn’t take your pill. You cry as you struggle to say something with the cock in your mouth.

“Swallow it all, and maybe we won’t take you to jail. Also, we will take you to the male jail, you will be a fine treat for our prisoners,” the officer says as he pumped his cum down your throat. You cry and sob onto his cock, before feeling the other guy pull out of you. Then your mouth is finally rid of dick.

“I swallowed it, now let me go?” you whine.

The cops just look at each other and laugh. “We were kidding, you are going to jail, and we will let those dirty fugitives feel all over you until you learn to quit prank calling the cops,” one says.

“Come here, you will be our bitch for another hour or so before we go,” says the other as he forces your head into the car.

The one who didn’t get a turn in your pussy joins you in the back and gets on top of you into missionary position. You lie there getting your pussy abused by the cops for two hours before you arrive at the station.

They weren’t kidding about putting you in with the men. Male prisoners rattle their cell bars and whistle. The cops finally shove you into a random cell full of men who obviously want to fuck your brains out all night long.

The cops forget about leaving you in there, so you are accidently moved to a prison. You live the rest of your life as a personal sex slave to the prisoners, and you are also sold in the prison yard to have sex with other prisoners.

You get many STDs, and many children you have to abort with coat hangers. Every day the warden makes you empty his testicles of semen, and every night your ass is eaten out by a fat man named Francis. You are treated like shit, and you are stuck there forever.

The End